Your Customized Solutions

Our Team are highly qualified professionals expert in IT and financial advisor that works together to find the perfect solutions for the growth of your business.

Our company is also able to sell third-party products and services thanks to our international sales network that takes care of customer needs in person or by telephone.
The company is able to find unique solutions for any clients need and it helps business to expand its activities worldwide both online and with physical branch openings, providing turnkey service to the requesters.
Our company will take care of finding suitable markets to expand clients business and opening a new company headquarters or a branch of the existing company and, moreover, it will take care of all the bureaucracy concerning visas, customers, suppliers, products and services.

Our Financial Services

Financial solutions

Our financial consultants and advisors will conduct an audit of your current financial situation and strategize a plan to help you to reach your future goals.

Feasibility Study

We realize any project making feasibility study carried out by professionals in the sector that allows the customer not to lose money in unrealizable non-fruitful projects, highlighting all the points of strengths, weaknesses and detailed costs.

Incorporations of companies

Remote business openings in non-blacklisted countries that have regulation and tax relief.

Company Relocation

To accommodate your growing business, we will move your business location to a new address. We will take care of your clients and suppliers during the move.

Set Up Physical Structure

Our international network will find the best locations or structures to set up your new physical branch.

Visa & Permits

We helps foreigns to legally work and operates in new countries.

We Combine Finance And Technology.

We deliver customized IT consulting services to help customers to stay on top of digital trends in financial services and ensure their digital infrastructures meet their business goals. Our experts regularly consider the world’s leading technologies and have experience in financial consulting services, delivering top-notch services and solutions.

Our IT team deliver cutting-edge technology solutions integrated with rock-solid security to drive businesses towards their goals and stimulate digital transformation.

Digitaliazing Your Business

Our IT team is composed of specialists in cyber security, cryptography penetration testing, reverse engineering, APP & web developement and digital marketing.

Our IT Services

Cybersecurity & Penetration Testing

Data breaches and cyberattacks cost financial institutions millions of dollars. IT service management allows companies to strengthen identification and authentication and to improve the detection of suspicious actions.

Backups & Recovery

Thoroughly planned and accurately performed backup and disaster recovery activities help ensure smooth and uninterrupted performance.

Web & App Developement

On request we provide our customers from simple website to complex web platforms and natives application. All our works are customized and written from scratch without using wordpress joomla etc.

Monitoring & Maintenance

IT network monitoring and maintenance are critical in ensuring effective operation of the infrastructure. Our IT team will detect and prevent network issues that may impact your operations.

Web Farm For Third parties

With the experience gained in the last 10 years we are able to design and build Web farms for our customers, optimizing the yield and minimizing expenses thanks to consolidated commercial relationships with hardware suppliers.

Digital Marketing

We drive brand awareness and lead generation through digital channels, we create content, ,or update content, monitor or handle social interactions and campaigns, or we perform other work in an attempt to bolster a company’s digital channels.

Our Worldwide Sales Network

Liberty NCB develops organizational and business models that mix and hybridize tradition and innovation.

Our company is able to satisfy any type of requirement of our customers as owner of a vast sales network, distributed throughout the world and, thanks to the tested working methodology, is able to acquire new customers and in some cases to give them even the position as a supplier; all this is possible since each individual seller uses existing professional and personal relationships and, by sharing this data with all the other sellers it is possible to arrange an telephone appointment with the customer, analyze the needs of the latter or possibly understand if he can be entered as supplier.
Our company is able to give the right solutions to our clients, providing them with all the strategies to grow their business.
Our sales network helps us to expand our network of contacts both by acquiring new customers and with industry professionals.